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Alerters & Pagers

Professional Alerters & Radio Pagers

2A Firefighter's Alerter
2A Firefighter's Alerter
High performance robust alerter specially produced for the fire service.
MG4 compliant. Super bright visual LEDs, vibration with tone alerts.
RT950 Numeric
Classic top display numeric pager suitable for on-site and wide area paging applications.
Simple 3 button operation with clear backlit display.
PA8002 Officers message pager
PA8002 Officer's message pager
A 4 line (2 line large font) alphanumeric message pager.
RT760 Alphanumeric Pager
RT760 Message Pager
A 4 line (2 line zoom enlarged text) alphanumeric message pager.
NEC 11D Series Pager
11A Officer's message pager
NEC 4 line alphanumeric message pager.
NEC 20B Series Pager
20B, 20F, 20D Message Pager (Also used by VodaZap and Minicall)
NEC alphanumeric pager as used by VodaZap and Minicall

Datanet are an approved NEC pager service centre
Approved Pager
Service Centre
Member of BAPCO
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