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2A-SR Receiver

2A-SR Station Backup Callout Receiver

Our popular 2A alerter, now being supplied in wide area paging configurations for direct attachment to station end encoders/transmission (mobilisation) equipment.

This universal product has been specially configured to carry out this function.

See the 2A-SR page for full details.


The Model 2A Alerter2A Fire Fighters Alerter

Over the many years of supplying products and services to UK fire authorities, we are now in a position to offer our very own firefighter's alerter.

Fire services tell us how important it is for them to find a pager on the market suitable for their needs. Working together with several fire services, we have been able to produce a tailor made design, specifically in line with fire service requirements. Our original design targets for its options, functionality, durability, user friendliness and MG4 compatibility have been met and have well exceeded our expectations.

We are listening to what fire services have to say.

It's their valuable comments that have helped us to create an alerter that performs well under demanding conditions. We find time and time again, fire services asking the same questions...

"Why are so many alerters unable to withstand the strenuous conditions we firefighters have to endure? i.e. clips break, lanyards come off and switches fail."

"Why is it that many alerters bleeps are not loud enough?"

"We need an alerter that is simple to use and clear and instant to read and acknowledge calls."

"Alerters must not be too small. Small alerters are easy to loose and difficult to operate."

"Why do so few alerters have their vibrator motors fitted integrally? Vib motors in battery compartments are impractical."

"Why can't there be an alerter on the market that is simple to use, without a pointless display?"

"Where can we find an alerter that is able to generate clear and easily distinguishable fire/test calls?"

We've responded and...

the result is the type 2A alerter


Alternative Pager Receiver products

  RT950 Numeric Pager RT760 Alphanumeric Pager
Due to popular demand we have introduced two pager products.

These have been carefully chosen based on their performance, quality and general value.


POCSAG/FLEX Synthesised Receiver
POCSAG/FLEX Crystal controlled Receiver


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Approved Pager
Service Centre
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